how we unschool

I wrote this to help those not familiar with unschooling become familiar with how we cover all subject areas and yet still remain child led. 

math:  In the new year, both Hunter and Ronin will begin Math U See Alpha.  We are also using the "I Love Math" series and they are learning about currency and math via their "Boulevard Bucks" program at church, spending time selling chocolate with dad at the Farmer's market, saving up money to purchase something they would like to have, and by playing with a new learning cash register and  set of play money that they are receiving for Christmas.  All three children helping in the kitchen frequently.  And the older children have started to learn about time by way of the family schedule we have started using.  Both are very interested in calendars and are receiving one of their very own for Christmas.
Drayken hard at work making Christmas cookies.

reading: Recently, both other children have exploded with reading.  So, we aren't doing much more other than frequent trips to the library.  Both kids check out stacks of books at least once a week.  They read daily.  They are read to daily.  Ronin continues to work on Explode the Code but has requested that I not purchase another one once she's finished with the one she is currently completing.  We are, instead, going to replace it with some other reading and writing workbooks that I have found online.
Hunter and his weekly stack of library books.

science:  a lot of our plans for science this year have fallen through.  so I'm considering a workbook that I have seen online.  not because I think that they need a workbook in order to learn science but because Hunter (especially) loves to learn about science and would enjoy the workbook that I saw.  I have great intentions to doing science experiments but it never happens.  the workbook might help nudge me and get me organized (so that I will be more likely to check out books at the library about science topics and then do a follow up experiment). 

history/social studies:  field trips, online videos, books, television, movies, music, etc.  :)
Ronin and Hunter at play rehearsal for "Alice".

Bible:  our church has an amazing program so we pretty much just follow along with what they provide.  we read our weekly "Bible Bookmarks" which have verses related to a theme such as "friends" or "trusting God" and we also memorize the Bible verse that is assigned each month.  we are also doing this Bible curriculum.  mostly for my personal benefit.  the kids like it too though.

Ronin and Hunter reading in the car after a trip to the library.

volunteering/community outreach: we continue to reach out to other families who are dealing with leukemia.  we have been visiting local nursing homes and will continue to do that.  but the main thing we have done this year is join a life group at our church that is focused on outreach and service.  the group includes children in the service projects too so it was a perfect fit for our family.

the arts:  field trips, access to high quality art supply, art class at church, and, of course, we are all immersed into the theater this winter!
Ronin and Hunter at the Nutcracker in Nashville.
planned field tripsTennessee State Museum, Adventure Science Center, Cheekwood, the Frist (must get there to see Warhol), Dickson Arts Center, Nashville Children's Theater, the Farm, Stones River Battlefield, Nashville Sounds Baseball game, a few cool places in Tampa,   and WALT DISNEY WORLD!!  Hoping to squeeze in some day trips so that we can take advantage of the reciprocal benefits provided by some of our memberships.  Atlanta, Louisville, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Knoxville are the destinations we had in mind.

foreign language:  not really working on this right now.  the kids are still interested in learning Spanish but they have hated the resources I've provided. 

If you have questions about unschooling or any of our resources (or anything else for that matter) please feel free to email me (Mandy) at