Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Throwing Away the Vote

 Today I exercised my right as an American Citizen to, yet again, vote for a third party candidate who does not stand a chance in hell of becoming our next president.  Just as I did four years ago,  I went ahead and cast a vote for someone who better represents me and my beliefs.  The fact is, I'm not a fan of either of the two major candidates for president.  My daughter is a big supporter of President Obama and that is fine.  I don't think she understands all that implicates but she likes him and frankly, while I don't agree with most of his policies, I like him too.  He is likeable.  But liking a candidate isn't enough reason, in my opinion, to vote for him or her.  So today I voted for Gary Johnson, a man who believes that the government has no right to decide who can get married, who believes our public schools are in bad shape and need reforming, and who believes that marijuana should be legal.  I did not vote against a candidate because 8 years ago I did.  And I couldn't get excited about that vote.  I couldn't get on board with being thrilled to fill in the ballot for a man I didn't even like or trust.  So I have promised myself to never vote against a candidate again. 

It is my prayer that one day the libertarian or the constitution party are considered to be a legitimate choice for the presidential office.  I wish more people would bother to find out about third party/independent candidates and cast their votes for folks who genuinely represent them.  This is my hope for our country.

Hunter went with me to vote.  The location was a church about 3 miles from our house.  It took literally about five minutes and that was because I had to head back out to the van for my driver's license. When we arrived we saw this sign: 

This sign sparked a discussion about how it would be inappropriate for people to be campaigning for a candidate at the actual poll location.  I love how there is a campaign sign right behind the No Campaigning sign! 

Happy Election Day! Praying that things improve for our country over the next four years, no matter who is elected!

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  1. I agree with you 100% Mandy! I voted for Johnson too. I am equally unimpressed with Obama and Romney, and I really feel that the Libertarian party represents my beliefs and ideals. I knew Johnson wouldn't win but my great hope is that if more and more people vote 3rd party, it will send a strong message to the powers that be.

    1. A strong message to the powers that be is the best we can hope for right now!


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