Friday, November 2, 2012

A Bona Fide Gluten Free Halloween

Halloween is always and has always been a challenge for us.  First there was that phase I went through where I rebelled against my heathen upbringing as a new conservative Christian and outlawed Halloween all together, despite it always being my very favorite holiday.  Once I had nearly lost a child to cancer, I felt God saying to me, "Mandy, life is short.  Have fun with your kids."  Halloween was back on.  Last year, our first post leukemia Halloween, we tried giving the kids the freedom of trick or treating and collecting all of the awful chemical laden candy they could fit into their little buckets.  Then we tried letting them eat whatever they wanted from it.  Drayken handled it pretty well.  Even Hunter did okay.  But Ronin was a wreck.  A complete and total wreck.  We tried it.  It didn't work.  We decided then and there that this year we'd have to go back to some of our restrictions regarding Halloween and candy consumption.

Now that Hunter is dairy and gluten free, allowing him to eat just whatever wasn't even an option.  But this mama refused to give up the fun without a fight.  And I must say that I rocked the Halloween fun this year and Hunter didn't end up eating one forbidden piece of candy.  How did I do it?  I'm glad you asked.  I started the month of October off with researching gluten free Halloween recipes.  Then I made some lists for the grocery store.  Then I planned a Halloween feast.  Leading up to the big feast, I created a couple special Halloween-themed desserts.  Such as...

Boonannas.  These amazing, healthy, adorable, gluten and dairy free treats were a huge hit, especially with Drayken.  Here's how ya make them:  Cut peeled bananas in half, roll them in juice (we used organic orange, strawberry, banana), roll them in shredded coconut, stick in a popsicle stick, insert chocolate chips for the eyes, freeze.  This is as simple as it gets, folks.

Candy Corn Parfaits:  This particular parfait included fresh pineapple on the bottom, thawed organic peach slices, and a dairy/gluten free whipped topping from the freezer which we only had because the Captain found it on closeout for a dollar and knew it would make a special treat for our upcoming desserts.  I topped the parfaits with a few chocolate chips and a couple grinds of this stuff

For our Halloween feast (which the grandparents attended), we made "witches brew"... a punch with a bag of organic thawed strawberries which had been crushed or "monster guts", some organic grapes or "ghoul eyes", Zevia ginger ale, and a jar of organic pomegranate juice.  It was scrumptious.

 Our tacos had spiders on them.  EEEK!

And for dessert, a delicious pan of ghost brownies.  We used Bob's Red Mill gluten free brownie mix, the Captain brilliantly whipped up an amazing chocolate icing, and I used wax paper as a stencil and proceeded to make this ghost out of coconut.  I used chocolate chips for the eyes again here as well. 

On Halloween morning, all. three kids woke to buckets of Halloween treats.  Yummy Earth lollipops and gummy bears, and some gluten free dairy free dark chocolate coconut bars that I found at Marshalls and they were amazing (Hunter even said they were better than any candy bar he'd ever had, including Kit Kat).  We had a great Halloween and no one felt as if they were lacking in the treat department, despite regulations and restrictions.

Do you have special dietary needs at your house?  How do you deal with them during holidays?
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  1. Love this! Our work around was pre-buying candy (gluten free for me, dairy free for G, low sugar for D and non-chewy for Fi and her teeth problems) and then after trick or treating trading candies that weren't so good for our pre bought mix. . We also did a small neighborhood loop to prevent the buckets from getting too full. Of course weather down in the mid 20's also kept the kids from staying out too late. ;)


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