Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Snippets of Unschooling


 1.  The Diner:  All three kids worked together to create their very own diner complete with a menu and uniforms.  Ronin really loves acting out restaurant situations as she loves being a server and she's absolutely in love with food.  Wonder where she gets that from? 

2.  Shucking corn:  At the farmer's market a couple weeks ago, Hunter asked me to please get him some corn.  After speaking with the farmer and feeling confident that this white corn was most likely not genetically engineered and probably not covered in too many pesticides, I agreed to purchase a dozen.  But only if he would agree to help shuck the corn.  All three kids were happy to help me shuck all dozen ears outside on a nice warm sunny day.  They had a lot of fun removing the silks from the ears.  I appreciated their help with dinner. 

3.  Trunk or Treat:  Each year our church has a fall family fest and this always includes trunk or treat.  Well, this year dad splurged and got chocolate candy for the kids to hand out.  Of course they still weren't allowed to collect candy but they had a good time handing it out.  Drayken would say, "Trick or Treat" to each child who approached the van.  They didn't seem too bummed about not collecting candy, especially when they woke up to buckets full of candy and treats that they could have.

4.  Pumpkin carving:  Last year I promised the kids that this year we'd buy a pumpkin to carve and that is just what we did.  They loved helping clean it out, create the cat design, and light the candle under it.  

 5.  SMILE:  Ronin and Hunter have discovered graphic novels and this week, Ronin found this title in the graphic novel section of the library.  She checked it out at 5pm and by 9:30, she had read it all.  She even apologized for staying up so late to read it but it was just so good.  How could I fault her?  After all, last night I stayed up readying Kathy Griffin's book which is so good I could nearly cry.  Anyway, the point is that the book was so good and she loved it so much that she has asked me and her brother to read it and it's inspired her to start a book club.  So, awesome. 

6.  Halloween feast:  The kids helped me put together a special Halloween feast to which we invited their grandparents.  More about the Halloween feast to come in a separate blog post.  Here they are making "witches brew".  

7.  You're the One that I Want:  After only two months of clogging, Ronin had a chance to perform in public at a festival this past weekend.  It was strangely cold and therefore she didn't feel great in general.  But she felt proud of herself for trying so hard and for having the confidence to get out there and try.  She performed to two numbers... "Rockin Robin" and "You're the One that I Want".  She did great. 

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