Monday, October 15, 2012

Say Yes

Saying yes to my kids is something that isn't super hard for me.  It comes naturally I suppose.  But I don't believe I've paid a ton of attention to how often I actually say yes until this blog hop came along.  So, Jessica, thanks for giving me the motivation to take note of how often I'm saying yes so that when I've just suddenly realized that I've failed at being mom big time, I can take solace in knowing that once in a while, I'm not totally screwing it up.

So here is how I've been saying "YES" to each of the kids in different ways :).

Saying yes to Hunter:  Agreeing to take him to karate twice a week.  Letting him teach me his karate moves.  Allowing him to put his book back in the library bag unread.  Making him meatballs.  Spending my entire Saturday at an "audition" that turned out to just be a scam.  Doing the handwriting for his science homework so that he could concentrate on the material and not on the pain in his poor hands. Checking out all of the books on his library list despite the fact that it nearly broke my shoulder to carry the heavy bag to the van.  Designing a research project about vikings when he said he wanted to learn about vikings.

Saying yes to Ronin:  Calling back to the "auditioners" to schedule her an appointment too.  Taking her to clogging weekly.  Accepting the invitations to the "shows" she's been putting on lately.  Helping her learn to jump rope.  Designing her a horse unit study when she said she wanted to learn more about horses.  Watching "Doctor Who" with her.  Agreeing to start over from the beginning with the series "Community" because it is, indeed, just that good.  Ordering a bunch of "Little Sister" books for her to read.  Rallying for her to be able to join her brother and dad on their camping trip. 

Saying yes to Drayken:  Agreeing to turn down the road that he likes to take on the way home.  Taking him bowling.  Allowing more than enough lollipops for treats and oatmeal instead of my dinners.  Reading the same books over and over.  Buying him his very own brand new undies.  Leaving in the middle of the "Parents and Tots" program at the local children's museum when the "tickle monster" freaked him the hell out. 

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