Friday, September 28, 2012

What We're Reading Blog Hop

I love how my fellow contributors and I have donated our blog hops to the Christian Unschooling website.  It motivates me to keep doing my blog hop and it helps me get a move on with participating in the blog hops others have created.  This blog hop is one of my favorites.  I love to talk about books.  Who doesn't, right?  And it's even more fun now that there are two more readers in our home!

What Ronin is Reading:
It's been so exciting for my daughter to meet Kristy Thomas, the president of the Baby-sitters Club, and old friend of mine.  Since my kids don't really know anyone who knew me before I was a teenager, it's nice for her to become acquainted with someone who met me when I was still an adolescent ;).

What I am Reading Aloud:
Unfortunately, none of the kids seem to like the twisted humor of the Unfortunate Events series quite like I did when I read it about ten years ago.  But Hunter is totally digging the blood and violence and action in "The Hunger Games" (we will not be reading aloud the other two books in the series... they are just more than we believe he can handle) and Ronin is liking the equine education she is receiving from "Black Beauty". I'm rather surprised by how much I'm personally enjoying the gentle book from the first person perspective of a horse.  I mean, it's a HORSE.

What Hunter is Reading:
Let me be real clear.  This is just what Hunter is reading this week.  This child has read upwards toward 20 chapter books since the end of June.  He's totally in love with the Bad Kitty books and he talks about Bad Kitty.  A lot.  And he's giving these Michael Dahl horror books a try for the second time.  He thinks that the last time he tried them, he simply had too many other books to read and that was why he gave up on them so readily.  And Roscoe Riley Rules is a neat series I read about online. I put the first one on hold for him at the library and explained that it had come recommended for boys about his age.  He liked the first one and asked for the next one in the series.  It's so exciting to watch him learn to love reading when his grandfather claims that the reported "hating" to read about a year ago.  So winning!

What Drayken is Reading:
 Baby boy always has some book or books that he's obsessing over.  Usually it's Curious George or Caillou (he has so so many of each type).  But right now it's this Eric Carle book.  And I'm finding myself shocked by how well he's learning animals, colors, and numbers. When did he grow up into a big boy?

 What Mom is Reading:
I am savoring that very last Anne of Green Gables book.  I don't want the series to end.  And I savored "Mockingjay" too though I forced myself to finally finish last night.  I loved the ending by the way.  And yes, that is a Baby-sitters Club book.  A prequel in fact that was written in 2010!  What can I say?  I was feeling nostalgic for my old friends Mary Anne, Kristy, Claudia, and Stacey.

To be clear, this post doesn't include the stacks and stacks and stacks of library books that we go through each month.  Despite the fact that we watch a lot of television, we also read quite a bit.  

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  1. The Zombie Diary books looks like something my girls would enjoy. My kids didn't "get" A Series of Unfortunate Events either. They love the movie, but the books went right over their heads.

  2. Hi,

    I came here from Aadel's reading blog hop. I read while I'm watching tv (or movies on tv) so I guess you could cal that multitasking! (grin)


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