Tuesday, August 21, 2012

While We Wait

It's starting to feel like homeschooling is what we do as we wait for our real lives to happen.  Let me explain.  We have already completed 45 days of homeschool.  We only have to do 180 in a school year so we have made a lot of head way, especially considering that our friends are just now starting school, whether they are public, private, or homeschoolers.  We started way before they did.

But we are waiting to hear back from a couple of auditions.  Hunter auditioned for a both a local production of "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "Peter Pan" on Saturday... and I ended up auditioning for "Cheaper" too.  So if we get parts in those shows then we will be rather busy with theater this fall.

Both the Captain and I are job hunting so if either of us become gainfully employed or if we end up with different or additional jobs, it will be a really good thing that we already had a great head start in the homeschool department.
Hunter and Ronin doing their math together this morning.
 We have quite enjoyed "doing school"... more than I anticipated enjoying it at least.  I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when we cross that last thing off of the list on a long day of studies.  I like that when it's time for "free play" or tea parties, we know that there is time for such an activity because we put in the hours of work leading up to it and we can all let loose and relax.

Last week Hunter attended an online American Girl tea party.

But don't worry... we are still exploring our interests and enjoying learning about what we like to learn about.  Right now we are putting together (at our own pace mind you) a Unit Study/Lapbook about "Doctor Who".  We are also studying about Vincent Van Gogh which was inspired by the greatest episode of "Doctor Who" of all time.  It's just that all of this comes in addition to mandatory "school" work.

Is it any wonder that I'm not blogging much these day?  We do homeschool all day long, sometimes well into the night.  I get up early in the morning, exercise, do laundry, swallow vitamins, drink water, make kombucha, put dinner in the crock pot, walk the dog, and then I take care of the kids all day every day (and two days a week, I care for an additional child in exchange for some cash which I can stretch pretty darned far I might add).  When I climb into bed at night, I'm zonked.  Completely exhausted.
The paper school work that Hunter has completed this school year so far.
Ronin has started a clogging class.  We go weekly to the local children's museum for nature and art.  We have acting gigs and improv troupes and church and friends who we must make a priority else we lose touch with them and play dates to attend and... 

Despite the fact that we are extremely focused and accomplishing a great deal right now, you are still welcome to set up an appointment to drop by any time.  ;)  You'd be welcomed by three very different interpretations of "The Starry Night" on our front door and a yappy little puppy.

Don't forget us.  I hope you will still love us and want to see us and hear from us when we finally come up for air.

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  1. You guys are working so hard right now. I am sure that you will be rewarded with a period of rest, peace, love, & fun!
    I am in my second year of 'official' homeschooling. I started out doing school at home, then switched to radical unschooling, we are currently relaxed ecclectic homeschoolers. I find that we tend get a ton of 'school work' done in a few weeks then come up for air by rediscovering life and the true joys that homeschooling provides our family.
    Love and peace to you and your family!


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