Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ronin Gets Glasses

Ronin's not been feeling herself lately.  She's been lethargic and for a while she was definitely battling some allergies.  But then, even after the allergy thing seemed to be better, she still seemed tired and just not herself.  Of course my panic/anxiety (thank you PTSD) started to set in and I began to worry something terrible about what could actually be wrong with my sweet girl.  When you've had a kid with cancer and you have run in "those circles", there are a ton of unhelpful stories running rampant around in your head.  And in this particular instance, those stories did a number on my ability to think with a level head.

So I avoided taking her to the doctor.  Because surely whatever it was could be fixed with extra sleep, vitamin D, and a little TLC. 

And it was to a certain extent.  She did start to feel better.  She started to have more energy and she started to be more herself.  But there was still that nagging headache and the rubbing of the eyes indicative of a child with something seriously wrong with them. 

Finally a few days ago I had laid out a math worksheet for Ronin and Hunter to work on.  There had been a concept in a Time4Learning lesson that quite stumped both of them and so before we moved forward I wanted to make sure they had mastered "addition through regrouping" (did you know there is no longer such a thing as carrying the one?  I didn't.).  Well, when Ronin got a glimpse of the paper she was expected to work on, she said, "I can't see that."  It was true that the writing had been blurred when we printed it so I agreed that it was hard to see.  But her response was, "No, Mommy, I really can't read it at all."  And I believed her.  I did a few tests just to see what I could figure out and I immediately started making calls so that we could set up an eye exam.  Now that I knew about the problem, I didn't want to waste any time trying to solve it.

She had her eye exam this afternoon.  She watched this youtube video to help her feel prepared (and she said it was, in fact, very helpful). 

We learned at her exam that she is far sighted (the opposite of me).  This means she can see better far away than she can see up close.  The doctor said that this diagnosis explains the headaches, the tired eyes, the red eyes, the eye rubbing and the general tiredness she's been experiencing lately.  Basically she has been using lots of energy and muscles just trying to see when she shouldn't have been using any energy or muscles at all.  She's just been exhausted.  It's become more apparent due to her frequent use of the computer and her new habit of reading.  A lot.  The good news is that she probably will grow out of this condition by the time she is a teenager.  She is to wear her glasses for activities such as reading, homeschool work, computer work, or for watching youtube videos on the iPad (another favorite hobby).  She does not need to wear them for playing outside (which made me really happy for her... I hate having to wear glasses in the swimming pool). 

While we will be ordering her some (TARDIS blue) glasses tomorrow, I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up a pair of reading glasses in her prescription.  Hey, for a buck I didn't figure it would hurt anything to go ahead and have some which will start to give her poor tired eyes a break.  I knew she'd not want to wait to finish the five books she's currently reading.

 I think they quite suit her.
Don't you?
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  1. My 6-yr-old son was holding things really close to his face and leaning really close to the computer screen when playing, so we went for our first trip to the eye doctor just a few weeks ago. He, like me, is nearsighted, so we ordered him some glasses and they arrived on Saturday. He is so much happier being able to see now! (And he looks so darn cute in specs too!)

    PS. I'm really glad Ronin's problem was something simple and nothing major!


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