Monday, July 2, 2012

What's Coming This July!

On the last day of this month we will be celebrating (yes, celebrating) two years since the devastating diagnosis that rocked our family but ultimately led to many many blessings.  A diagnosis that makes me smile a little bit more at my three year old, that makes me embrace every little quirk in my sweet 8 year old, and that makes me laugh when I think that I "didn't want a girl" because without that amazing strong girl, I might not even have my first born.

So we are going to celebrate and give thanks for our leukemia journey.  For with it has come many wonderful gifts.  And we are going to give back to our readers and friends through two giveaways.

In two weeks, two lucky readers will have a chance to try our Ridiculous Chocolate hot cocoa.  Look for that giveaway to be posted next Monday... along with a tutorial on how to make a yummy vegan frozen hot chocolate using our mix!  And I also hope to launch our new chocolate website! 

And at the end of the month I will be posting a review for a neat game called Pick and Draw, created by children's illustrator Rich Davis.  This game is specifically useful for children who are sick in bed and/or who have autism.  Since I have experience with both of these matters, Mr. Davis thought my blog would be a perfect fit for a review.  He's agreed to give one of my readers a copy of the game as well!  Aren't we blessed?

This month I'll also be keeping you up to date with what our new lives look like as "homeschoolers" instead of unschoolers.  But despite the fact that I'm no longer radically unschooling, my sisters over at Christian Unschooling feel like my situation is not unique and that my voice is still valuable on their site so I'll still be writing over there!

And finally, we will be bringing back a blog feature from the past... Show and Tell.  My kids have never stopped asking me when we'd be doing Show and Tell again.  Since I'm too busy to do it at the local library then it's back to the blog!  A bona fide life will host a monthly show and tell on the last Friday of each month.  What is show and tell?  Simple.  Record a video of your child presenting something that he or she would like to share with others.  Or type up an interview about their show and tell topic with a photo or ten.  Put it into a blog post and then link up!  And be sure to spread the word!

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  1. Let the celebration commence! ;) Love that you are celebrating the journey that you have been on in the past 2 years. A beautiful family you have there! And add chocolate...and you have the perfect ingredients for a party. Can't wait to read the details!


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