Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saying Yes... to "The Hunger Games"

As we transition from being unschoolers to living a more relaxed homeschool lifestyle, I have felt like there would be more no's in my house.  I assumed that I'd have to say no more and more often.  But luckily it's not really been like that.  Sure, there are new no's.  Like, "No, you can't sleep in mom's bed because dad is going to sleep here."  And, totally unrelated to our new "educational philosophy", there is, "No, you can't eat that because it has gluten in it."  But for the most part, the new no's have been kept to a minimum.  Still, for my own sanity and peace of mind, I love the idea of keeping up with times when I'm saying yes.  So when my pal Jessica over at Bohemian Bowmans said she was starting a "Say Yes" link up, I thought I should jump on board.

So, this past week the main thing I said "yes" to that didn't come naturally and that I wanted to say "NO!" to was The Hunger Games.  Hunter, age 8, and I had decided that I was going to read the book aloud so that when the movie was showing at the $2.00 theater (oh how I love that place), we'd go see it together.  Well, much to my surprise, Ronin, age 6, wanted to listen in on the book too.  At first I met her request with a resounding, "Not a chance."  After all, she's just a little girl.  And this was a book about kids KILLING EACH OTHER.  But then I wondered why it was okay for Hunter to hear it and not her.  Then I thought of all of the "Doctor Who" episodes she had been watching and how The Hunger Games really isn't that much more disturbing than some of the stuff I've noticed playing on the television.  And finally, I was reminded of the time she decided to take herself off of "Doctor Who" for a while because it was giving her nightmares... then she picked it back up again when she felt her psyche was ready.

If she could moderate her "Doctor Who" consumption, she could do the same regarding The Hunger Games.  Right?

After checking with her dad to make sure he was okay with it, I started reading it aloud to both of them.  So far she's a little bored and wants to know when the killing is going to start.  So far she's been inspired to get out her archery set and practice shooting her bow and arrow when ever I'm reading aloud.  So far, she's not even a little bit disturbed.

I'm not sure if she'll stick around for the rest of the book.  But I am sure that I'm glad that I said, "Yes" this time.  For I'm teaching her to trust herself, to listen to herself, and to believe that I'm paying attention to her as an individual.

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  1. I'm a little more over-protective than you, and my husband even more so than me, but we did let our 11 year old read it and then saw the movie together. It's the first time we've read the same book together and it was a great bonding experience. Funnily, the violence didn't worry me at all, it's the relationship stuff that always makes me feel like a prudy mama. :)


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