Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Chapter presents "An Offer of Gratitude"

Most folks who know me well know that I take New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins.  No, I don't plan on having more babies but yes, I continue to take this product.  It provides me with so many of the vitamins and minerals that I need and I can really tell a difference in how I feel if I'm not taking it. I felt so much better with my second and third pregnancies than I did during my first and I can't help but think that this has so very much to do with New Chapter vitamins.  So when New Chapter contacted me and asked me to help promote this neat new program (in exchange for a free product), I was happy to help out.  I don't review lots of things on my blog but when I'm given a chance to promote a product in which I believe, I'm always happy to do it.  More than happy to do it :)

So check this out.  New Chapter is offering their customers a neat opportunity to donate $4.00 to a cause of their choice (there are five incredible options) and as a reward for your efforts, you get $4.00 off of one of their products.  See?  Check it out here for yourself.

If you've been meaning to do something great for yourself, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes for your health.  Not only do I recommend the prenatals but I'm a fan of their probiotic powder and tiny tabs for my kids as well.

What about you?  Do you use New Chapter products?

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