Monday, July 9, 2012

Homeschool Record Keeping Week 2

Monday, July 2nd
Hunter and Ronin both did two pages in lesson 19 MUS.
We all watched videos about animal tracks online.
Completed half of the Draw Write Now "Pigs" lesson.
Read aloud chapter 1 from The Hunger Games.
Got started on Time 4 Learning.
Both Hunter and Ronin did reading in their chapter books.
Watched two episodes of "The Simpsons" season 2 (Unschooling Through The Simpsons series)
Played with their friend Erik.
Hunter and Ronin read aloud from their Bible easy reader.
Hunter completed 2 pages in his logic work books.

Tuesday, July 3rd
Hunter and Ronin both did two pages in lesson 19 MUS.
Watched online videos about volcanoes.
Completed geography lesson about volcanoes and islands.
Competed Draw Write Now "Pigs" lesson.
Read aloud Chapter 2 from The Hunger Games.
Hunter and Ronin read aloud from their Bible easy reader.
Hunter and Ronin read from their own chapter books.
Story time with Drayken.
Went shopping at World Market, Barnes and Noble, and Hastings.
Visited Library.
Dropped off chocolate for online farmer's market.
Attended "Evita" rehearsal.

Wednesday, July 4th
Attended and participated in neighborhood parade.
Enjoyed a huge "feast" together as a family.
Played Cranium Family Edition
Spent the evening with family... visiting and swimming.

Thursday, July 5th
Playdate day (building Legos, hanging out with the bros)
Hunter and Ronin both did T4L
Worked on science lesson "Who Was Walking Here"
Rehearsed audition pieces
Attended Evita rehearsal

Friday, July 6th
Hunter, Ronin and Drayken completed animal tracks science lesson
Hunter did a lot of reading on his chapter books.
Ronin and Hunter did several math lessons and quizzes.
Completed "Reading Rule Breakers" printed worksheets from T4L

Saturday, July 7th
Attended "Evita" rehearsal
Saw "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" at the theater together as a family.
Hunter completed his "Mercy Watson" book... making his "monthly 2 books" quota fulfilled.
Hunter and Ronin both worked on T4L.

Sunday, July 8th
Hunter and Ronin auditioned for "Willy Wonka Jr.".
We all watched part of "Temple Grandin".
Read aloud from "The Hunger Games".
Worked on Time4Learning.
Hunter completed his two book reports for the month.
As a family we created a frozen hot chocolate tutorial for YouTube.
Read a few library books.

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