Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homeschool Record Keeping Week 1

Monday, June 25th
Hunter completed lesson 18 and Ronin completed lesson 17 in Math U See Alpha.
Hunter did free reading in his book Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth and read a chapter in a Junie B. Jones book.
Ronin finished her Junie B. Jones book.
Read aloud:  My Parents Think I'm Sleeping by Jack Prelutsky, a book about caring for your pet rabbit (to help Hunter understand the responsibility involved before he gets a rabbit), Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly by Carolyn Parkhurt, Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens by Cindy Neuschwander,
Played Zingo and with Legos.
Completed half of the first lesson, "Hens", in Draw, Write, Now.
Watched videos online about landforms and the chicken/egg process.

Tuesday, June 26th
(Hunter has a stomach virus and I spent the morning at the doctor's office.)
Ronin worked on lesson 18 in Math U See Alpha.
Hunter read two chapters in his Junie B. Jones selection.
Hunter made pictures with mancala stones while listening to a Simpsons cd.
Read aloud:  The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and Sir Circumference and the First Round Table
Completed a Geography lesson about Hills and Mountains
Hunter played handwriting, math, and reading related iPad games.
Worked on and discussed audition songs for upcoming "Willy Wonka" auditions.
Played Wii Fit and Just Dance Kids.

Wednesday, June 27th
Hunter spent all day at the neighbors' house playing with his friends.
Ronin completed Lesson 18 in MUS.
She read aloud to me a Barbie story book about basketball.
Wii Fit
Last dance class... taught her brother some dance moves and then performed routine for me and her brother.
Ronin ran errands with me to pick out meats and then delivered chocolate for the online farmer's market.
Ronin created a video book report for her recently completed Junie B. Jones book.
Hunter used his "Beauty and the Beast" program to look up his fellow cast mates on Facebook.

Thursday, June 28th
We all spent the morning with our Thursday play group.  We learning tie dying and about chickens.  Children helped collect eggs from the chicken coop.
Watched "Turtle:  The Incredible Journey" on Netflix.
Attended our first "Evita" rehearsal at Center For the Arts.
Collected tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini from our garden.

Friday, June 29th
Read aloud "The Houdini Box" by Brian Selznick, read about Harry Houdini, watched several online videos of and about Harry Houdini.
Read aloud the book "Georgia in Hawaii" by Amy Novesky, watched online videos about Georgia O'Keefe.
Hunter and Ronin both did 2 pages in their MUS lesson number 19.
Completed science lesson "Sam's Science Project" about how plants need light.
Watched online videos about how plants need light.
Built with blocks.
Completed lesson "Hens" in "Draw Write Now"
Completed our tie dye projects that we started with friends yesterday.
Visited with their grandfather and step grandmother.
Went swimming.

Saturday, June 30th
Attended a theatrical presentation of a play adapted from "The Paperbag Princess" in East Nashville
Took Ronin to pick out her very own clip on feather earrings.
Lots of iPad play.
Children played dress up and put on a play for us in the evening.

Sunday, July 1st
Attended church/Bible class
Finished reading aloud Jack Sparrow chapter book
Wii Fit

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