Sunday, July 1, 2012

Closing the Beast

Bittersweet that it's over.  We were tired.  Emotionally and physically drained.  But so glad that we did it.  So very glad.

Last chance to hang out on the set.

Striking set after the last show.

This is what the kids woke up to last Sunday morning.

In his "bad guy" costume.

Cast Party!  Chocolate Fountain!


The backstage moms presenting Logan, our director, with his gift.

With Sam, the musical director.

With sweet Logan, the director (and friend).

Goofing around on set.

He learned how to write his last name by signing in daily.

Annelyn came to see the show!

Ronin and Drayken making themselves at home.   

 Now, on to the next show... Evita.  After that?  "Willy Wonka Jr." and maybe "Les Mis"  :)

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