Sunday, July 1, 2012

And a Dancer is Born

Our local community center, Patterson Park, has a really inexpensive dance program.  So inexpensive, in fact, that when it's time to sign up in the fall, people start arriving two hours early to stand in line and wait in order to assure that their child secures a spot.  Because Ronin had never taken a dancing class before, I thought it would work out well if she could kinda "sample" it this summer in their introductory four week course.  For only $25.00 she could give it a try for a month and then we would know if dance was something she'd like to do more of in the coming months.

Amazing how much can be accomplished in such a short period of time.

After the first class she said it was fun.  That's all.
After the second class she didn't like it, it was too hard, and she didn't want to return.
Before the third class I helped her talk with her teacher about clarification.  She didn't understand her "Homework."
After the third class, she announced that now she wants to be a dance instructor when she grows up.
(You know, along with being a homeschool mom, a midwife, a caterer, a gymnastics teacher, and a hair dresser.)
And after the fourth class, where she got to teach her "helper" some dance moves and then perform her routine for me and Drayken, she felt confident, accomplished, proud, and ready to be signed up in August for the classes that will run from September to April. 

Showing her "helper" some moves.

A certificate!
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  1. It's really nice that she had a chance to try it out a little before making a big commitment. I hope she has a wonderful time in class. :-)

  2. Lily took classes with them last year. She had some times when she said she didn't like it, but that was mostly when I tried to make her practice. She has decided though that she wants to do it again so we might see y'all, at least at the recital.


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