Saturday, June 2, 2012

Treehouses at Cheekwood

Today Hunter, Ronin, Drayken and I went to Cheekwood and spent the day with dear friends who we do not see often enough (as indicated by the quick way they were all best friends and by the comment after our visit from both older children that we should see those friends more often).  It was unseasonable (almost freakishly) cool and that is why we were all wearing jackets.

This was the first time that any of us had gotten to see the treehouses, an awesome new exhibit in the gardens.  Each tree house was from a different book.

Scary zebra masks

next to the conch shell tree house from "Lord of the Flies".

and then down the slide from "The Hobbit".
This was from some story with which I'm not familiar but it was cool anyway!

Inside "The Rainbow Fish"
Drayken, Ronin, Hunter, Story, Lyric, Cadence
Gorgeous rainbow treehouse from "The Giver".

My kids always log roll down the hills at Cheekwood.

Inside the little cottage at the new Howe garden.
The loft at Walden Pond :)

What a fun day.  I hope we do start getting to see these friends more often.  There aren't many folks in my life who truly *get* what all we've been through but this sweet family does. 

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