Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tea With Belle (and some unschooling validation)

Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure to serve "tea" to a group of princesses and their mothers.  The event was a held in conjunction with the Saturday matinee performance of "Beauty and the Beast" at the Center for the Arts in which Hunter is a cast member.  The special event was truly a class act.  Each princess had her photo made with Belle and was presented with it before the matinee began.  They were able to decorate a frame for their photo, enjoy color sheets, live piano music, a story read by Belle herself, a princess party favor, and a delicious spread of finger sandwiches, fruit, Sun chips, and a sugar cookie that she could decorate.  Considering the price for the event was only $6.00 more than a matinee ticket alone, I thought it was a bargain.  We received countless comments praising us on the quality of the event.  I felt very proud to be involved with it. 

Gorgeous rose centerpiece, an agenda, and mismatched tea cups and saucers.
Belle shares her favorite story Chrysanthemum
Surprise!  Mrs. Potts drops in for a visit.
Ronin was happy to pose w/ her new friend & fellow homeschool Doctor fan Lydia.
Sam the musical director provided lovely piano music.

This event was truly a class act.  I look forward to it next week!

And on a side note...

Lately I've been doubting my ability to homeschool my kids.  I won't go into why but the fact that they are behind on certain subjects according to certain state standards hits me occasionally and I feel panic.  Of course, they are light years ahead of their peers in some ways...  particularly socially.  Social skills developed as a result of their being around a wide range of people of a variety of ages, races, backgrounds, interests and lifestyles is a bit more useful than, say, knowing their state capitals.  But sometimes I start to freak out despite KNOWING that none of this matters and that they are doing fine. 

Just when I was starting to freak out, God swooped down and helped me to see things more clearly.  First, due to a chaotic situation involving a sick boy who had to take the stage, I had to leave Ronin and Drayken at home with their dad who was sleeping.  Ronin was given a few instructions.  She got her brother in his pajamas, helped him get his new toy out of its packaging, and settled in to watch television with him.  When he got sleepy, she sent him to sleep with their dad.  Then she watched a little tv and went to bed herself.  When we got home everyone was sleeping.  I was super proud of her and I made sure to let her know how proud I was of her responsibility. 

In addition, while I was having a chat with a mother at the theater last night, Hunter came up to us, I introduced them.  He stuck out his little hand and said, "Hello.  It's nice to meet you.  I know Zoe (her daughter) and we have a lot of fun together back stage."  He proceeded to have a small chat with her.  I am always taken by surprise when my children do that... are that... that over-the-top polite, social, charming type of child.  But it really helps me to see how devoting time and energy to things like play dates with the same group weekly and church and community theater have been preparing them for social situations in a way that school cannot.  I mean, it's not often that I meet 8 year olds with that type of social skill.  Especially ones on the autism spectrum who spent a great deal of time isolated from other people.  Clearly what we are doing isn't a handicap to him.  So... I'll accept and hope that others can accept that my son can barely use a writing utensil.  And I'll try to remind myself that using a pencil honestly isn't nearly as helpful as being charming and likeable.  After all, today, his "line of work" is performance.  As an actor, he need not have to use a pencil often.  But he does need to charm the socks off of a director.  The motor skills will come with time.  Luckily he's already got the social skills down pat.
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  1. For boys, especially, fine motor skills come later. And he's still so young! It is much more important to know how to talk to people - and it sounds like he's got it down! :)


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