Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Calling and Why My Mama Would Be Proud

It's no secret how I feel about the theater and gay kids and having my kids be around people who identify as gay (or bi or transgendered or whatever).  In fact, I think that it's great for my children to be around and befriend all kinds of people who are different from those they are used to being around.  It's great practice for the real world and it's even better practice for their lives as Christians.

About a year ago I wrote the post that I linked to above.  I never dreamed that in such a short period of time I'd go from thinking about these issues to truly dealing with them in my day to day life.

In October, Hunter made his debut on the stage in "Pippin".  During that show we met several gay people and through that show we encountered a precious young man who was kind enough to give Hunter a shot in his production of "Beauty and the Beast", another opportunity for us to meet even more gay people.

I've always gotten along famously with the gay boys.  They've always been drawn to me I suppose.  And vice versa.  Maybe it's my adoration of ABBA or my preference for drag shows over all other shows available.   But I'd like to think that it's mostly all about my love.  The fact that I love love love love love and that makes them want to love me back.

I love so intensely.  And this love has led to tears.  So many tears.  Tears because I have heard people say ugly things about my friends in this show.  Ugly, hateful, hurtful things.   And tears because I've heard stories of pain inflicted upon these kids by folks who should have loved them and cared for them unconditionally.

It should come as no surprise that I've grown close to some of the boys in this show.  After all, one of my favorite memories of my mom was how she befriended my gay friends and was always there for them, even when their own mothers were not.  I think that is the thing for which I'm most proud of her.   

There is no doubt in my mind that my mom would be extremely proud of me for what I'm about to tell you.  Of course, it's not her influence or her hypothetical approval that motivates me.  It just comes naturally to me.  But I sure wish she were here to help out.  She'd be my number on cheer leader, just like she always was.

It comes naturally to me to welcome into my family a young man who no longer has one.  It comes naturally to me to love him and feed him and hug him and kiss him and be there for him no. matter. what.  It's not hard to do especially since he's a truly lovable boy.  It's so easy.

It's also easy to see that God has put us together for a very specific purpose.  Or maybe several purposes... we need one another for one thing.  But we also both have a calling.  A calling to create a safe house for GLBTG youth in our community.  So that no teenager in our county should end up on the streets, on drugs, dealing with prostitution or rape or disease or violence all because they told the truth about him or herself.  A place where people care.

I received the calling this week. I'm not the type of person who "receives a calling" very often. But  I've already started an email dialogue.  I'm ready and willing and able to tackle this enormous task.  I feel like God confirmed that this is his will by showing me that my new sweet friend also has the same calling.  Why else would we have been put together at this perfect time?

So, I ask for your prayers as I start this journey.  I thank God for my new adopted kid.  I thank God for the inspiration to help others.  I look forward to seeing what He does with this project.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is about to use me in a big way and I'm so glad that I was listening for his call.  I'm ready to do the work! 

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