Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bunking with the Bowmans

You may already know my friend Jessica from her blog Bohemian Bowmans.  She and I are part of the same Christian Unschooling social group online so it was only natural that we host their crew overnight while they came through the area on their way to Canada.  It's always so much fun to meet online friends in real life.  Surreal and fun. 

 Our children all hit it off immediately. 
Their play was peaceful and everyone seemed to enjoy one another.

 My children have now been introduced to the fine art of catching fire flies...

 Something they've never shown an interest in before

  and something that Bowmans could not do in southern Georgia it seems.

 The big boys camped out in a tent in the living room.

 And this morning Hunter and Everett spent as much time together as possible.

 The girls, though five years apart in age, shared a common interest in animals (particularly cats, dogs and horses) and ended up spending a lot of time together.  They bunked in Ronin's room overnight.

 After breakfast they had just enough time to play some Wii 

 and get in one last jump on the trampoline

 before it was time to say goodbye to each other... and the animals.

 Love my online sisters in Christ (and in unschooling)!

After they left I started a mad dash of cleaning and organizing the entire house, meals for the week, etc.  Today starts tech week (those of you out there in the theater know what that means) which will lead directly into about a 20 show run for "Beauty and the Beast".  
So don't be surprised if you don't hear from here for a while! 
What little free time I have will be spent cleaning and sleeping over the next two weeks, I think. 
Of course maybe it won't be so bad after all and it will end up being fine. 
Hunter rehearsing "Belle" at Center for the Arts.

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  1. Glad we were able to stay over. Once in a life time opportunity.

  2. Ah, fun! Wish I had been on her route to Canada!

  3. This is tech week for us also. With two performances of The Jungle Book on Thursday and Friday. Lots of long hours this week. Can't imagine doing 20 performances.


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