Friday, June 29, 2012

Because We Have the Doctor

Ronin pouring over the Doctor Visual Dictionary.
 A couple of people in this household, true to their very geeky nature (it's genetic folks), have developed a love for The Doctor.  Who?  The Doctor.  That's right.  Doctor Who has been playing on our Netflix pretty much daily for the past month or so.  Ronin started the obsession and then dragged her poor brother into it.  Now it's all Darlek, Tardis, Amy Pond, Rose, blah blah blah all of the time.  She's so knee deep in Doctor-love that she announced at the beginning of the summer that she would not be participating in the summer reading program at the library this year.  No, instead she'd be busy watching Doctor Who, with no intentions of actually reading a thing.  So I simply put some Doctor Who books (the Visual Dictionary and two graphic novels) on hold at the library and she's been reading those.

This new Doctor-love has impacted her life socially as well.  At the library she carried on a conversation with a librarian about the show.  She asked questions and they had a long discussion about all things Doctor-related while I stared on in awe.  For none of it appeals to me or makes any sense to me.  I tried watching.  I did try. But... um... no.

She also gained the respect and admiration of many kids at the theater.  They love Doctor Who as well and they were truly amazed that a six year old child could have a conversation with them about their favorite television show. 

I don't know what series she is on.  I do know that she's watching something to do with Amy Pond making out with the Doctor which totally grossed her out.  And I also know that she's loving it.  And compiling a Christmas list. And combining funds with her brother for purchasing a sonic screwdriver. And planning a Doctor related birthday party.  Awesomeness.

I leave you with Ronin's Doctor quotes:

"We will never have the end of the world.  Because we have The Doctor."

"Eeeeew, this is supposed to be scary and yet here they are smooching. Amy is supposed to get married in the morning and here she is making out with the Doctor. That is SICK."

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