Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's Go to Legoland!

Last Friday we spent the day at Legoland in Florida.  It was a really fun day.  I would recommend that any and all Lego fans visit this place if possible.  So much fun!

 This dude was right outside of the bathrooms.  
He told us knock knock jokes.  

The park had building stations throughout. 
Hunter and Ronin enjoyed cooling off in the garden gift shop 
while building flowers with Lego bricks.

 You already know how we feel about the new "Friends" lego series.
So it should come as no surprise that we were thrilled to see an entire shop devoted 
to these love ladies of Lego.  

 "What you name girl?"

 Miniland USA was probably our favorite attraction at Legoland.  
This is the Hollywood Bowl... in Lego. 
I can't possibly post a photo of everything cool that we saw.  
And we didn't even see the entire display.

 The attention to detail was truly mind boggling.
Here are some pirates dueling in a back alley.
Hunter and I had a long talk about the types of careers that Legoland can provide for a person.
We talked about how, clearly, someone had to be hired to create these amazing displays.
Working in Lego is totally doable and is becoming more and more so as time goes by and the company expands.

Pharoh's Revenge... an opportunity to shoot balls at complete strangers.

 Another really cool exhibit was the "Florida Fresh Greenhouse"...

 where the kids got to milk a cow...

 and learn about Florida Agriculture through Lego displays.

 Lego Farmer's Market Stand!
 Broccoli that will be served in a restaurant inside of Legoland
 Drayken was barely tall enough to ride this Merlin ride without an adult.  
His Bubba rode with him and he had a huge grin on his face every time he came around.

 A carousel... with Lego horsies!
The pirate ship water ski show was... well.. a little lame.
But I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lego Minifigures water skiing.  
It totally made my day.

We cooled off and got our geek on at the same time.
A jousting ride!
 More geekery
 This is creepy. And awesome.

 I may hate clowns but I love rainbows more than I hate clowns so I kinda dig this.

 Yes, that Darth Vader is made entirely of Lego.

 The Captain and his treasures :)

And we were devastated that the communication in the park is such that we didn't manage to get in to see the "how Legos are made" tour in the Factory.  But I did find this video to help make up for it.

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