Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How God Gave Hunter a Cat

Almost exactly a year ago, I was writing a post entitled "How God Gave Hunter a Dog", the story of how we came to adopt our sweet sweet puppy Maggie.  It is with tears in my eyes that I announce that it's happened again... an undeniably spirit-led encounter with a baby animal that needed a home.

As you may know, because of Hunter's battle with leukemia, he's been blessed enough to make a wish through a local organization.  His final wish was to have a pirate ship in our yard. His wish included lots of details but one of those details was that it house a cat for him.  You see, Hunter has always always always wanted a cat.  His dad flat out said no (for a variety of legitimate reasons, the least of which being that I'm allergic to many cats) but when he included the desire for a cat into his wish, I wasn't sure what we were going to do.  Obviously we couldn't adopt an already outside cat... that would be unfair.  And we couldn't go buy one from a pet store and just leave it outside.  Really the only option was going to be for an already outside cat to find us and then it would be up to Hunter to make the pirate ship hospitable for the cat.

If you've been paying any attention to the blog, you know that we have just returned from our vacation.  Early that Sunday morning when we pulled into the driveway, it was still dark.  But as I opened the van door so that I could hop out to start transferring sleeping children to beds, I heard a little mewing sound.  I was too deliriously tired to look around for its source but I did remember wondering where it was coming from.  Of course, when we returned from our vacation, the pirate ship had been mostly built as well. 

Finn enjoying a delicious feast.
Later on, after we'd had some sleep, the Captain was outside and he started to hear the kitten mewing as well.  In fact, he saw the little thing poking its head out from the bushes lining the drive way of our next door neighbor's house (the nice one who's wife recently passed away).  There are rarely any people at that house so we knew that they would not be around very often and probably wouldn't be able to feed the kitty if they were even so inclined.  We fixed the little thing a bowl of goat milk and some tuna and my husband tried to pick it up, but it was smart enough to know not to trust him just yet... and so my husband was bit.

But this didn't worry me... I mean, it's a smart cat to bite unfamiliar hands grabbing at it.  Anyone who knows about cats knows that you need to approach them on their terms.  He shouldn't have been picking that poor guy up just yet.

It took Hunter and his sweet patience to lure the kitten out of the bushes.  He remained in our yard the whole time and he would simply "mew" at the cat.  They started to talk. 

Maggie and Finn, summing up one another.
Over the next few days, Hunter mewed at the kitty and offered it milk and tuna.  Eventually the kitty came straight into our yard and I'm pretty sure he hasn't left since then.  One of Hunter's "bros" was able to pick him up and tell us that it's definitely a boy and after much deliberation, they have arrived upon the name Finn.  The kitty is now a very patient and sweet lap cat who is being fed tasty cat food on a daily basis and being doted on by three sweet children.

In the six years that we have lived here, not once have we had an abandoned animal show up at our house.  The fact that the cat showed up at the same time at the pirate ship is simply an answer to prayers.  It's almost as if someone knew of our situation and planned it all out... but I truly doubt that is the case.  Instead, I've decided that yet again, our heavenly Father is hearing the cries of this boy and giving him what he needs in good time.  It's truly awesome and amazing and we are insanely blessed. 

Welcome to the family Finn!

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  1. That is a lovely story! I believe that God DOES listen to all the needs of our hearts, both big and small. Welcome to the Pirate Ship, Finn!

    1. He absolutely does! Thanks for reading.

  2. It's pretty wild how wonderful things happen so unexpectedly. This is another great story! Looking forward to a post about this pirate ship you mentioned!

    1. That will be coming your way hopefully Friday night, after the big party!


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