Saturday, May 5, 2012

Geeking out

Today was Free Comic Book Day so we headed out to one of our favorite geeky spots, Hastings, and drooled over Dr. Who merchandise.  I think the girl wants the "inside the TARDIS" play set for her seventh birthday.

Then they found THIS... a Dr. Horrible Graphic Novel, which they did not realize even existed.  
So I was super awesome and bought it for them.  When you find something that all three kids will absolutely love and will cause two out of three children to read, you buy it. 
 Here is Ronin showing you her favorite illustration in the book... Billy and Penny in the laundry mat.

 We even got this rockin' awesome Big Bang bag to put our comics in! 
And at the local comic book store, Grand Adventures, we picked out free Adventure Time comics and a very helpful fella named Hunter told us about the new Marceline that is coming out soon.  I think they both might start collecting Adventure Time comics. Sweet.

 All of this geeking out was great practice for ShowCon 
which we plan to attend in a couple of weeks.
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