Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Captiva Island Highlights

Our vacation ended on a very high note as we spent about 24 of the most lovely hours ever on the island of Captiva.  As a matter of fact, we all five agreed that it was the highlight of our trip and in the fall, we have high hopes of going back to the island and staying there for several days.  The Captain has an aunt and uncle who own a rental house on the island which is how we got to go in the first place. 

Waiting for their very first boat ride at the marina.
That black speck?  A dolphin.  Not the only one we saw during our short stay.

Great Blue Heron


Crazy man gathering coconuts to sell.

White heron

Posing on the drift wood
Our long beach hike was fueled by a search for a bald eagle's nest.

Ronin and her Uncle Tom really hit it off.


A crab trap

This sucka kept trying to pinch me!
Baby sand dollar

Ronin held a crab on a stick... right after it had a show down with the dog!

A white pelican family

Me and my sweeties on Mother's Day morning

My little buddy picked me this flower.

The view from my lazy spot.  Sigh.

Everyone on the island rides around in golf carts.

A burrowing turtle

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