Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Snippets of Unschooling: Vacation Style

This past week we had the privilege of taking a much needed and wonderful vacation to Florida.  We had so much fun and we can't wait to go back.  We did so many things that were "educational" that I thought it would be fun to make up an entire 7 Snippets of Unschooling post based upon our trip experiences.  Please, if you have an unschooling blog, join us for

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1.  Birding:  On our trip we saw so many birds that we either never see here in middle Tennessee or that, at the very least, we never get close enough to in order to take a photo.  We saw
A white heron
a family of white pelicans

a great blue heron (a bird that we have only seen from a distance here at home)

and an osprey.

2.  Archery:
  Hunter is already "in" to archery these days so when we saw on the resort schedule that there was an archery class one morning, we made a point to be up and ready in time to take him.  He says that he learned quite a lot of new things about archery in the class.  He and his dad have a good idea of how they'd like to build his target stand now as well.  The bow in this class, he says, was easier to use than the one his grandpa recently got him. 

3.  Lego Career Pondering:  While we were visiting Legoland, Hunter had a lot of opportunities to ponder and consider the many Lego-related careers that can be available at a place such as this.  He feels encouraged and excited by the prospect of so many Lego available jobs opening up as of late.  I am so glad that he knows that this is not beyond his reach but instead something very feasible to which he can aspire.

4.  Crab hunting:  We had two separate encounters with crabs on the beaches during our trip.  We watched this one climb in his hole so I immediately started digging away at the sand that we could sneak a peak at him.  I promise that he was not harmed in any way.  We just wanted to get a look at him.  This type of crab is called a ghost crab.

5.  Turtle hunting:  We were told that on the island of Captiva there were large land turtles called burrowing turtles.  So when we were driving the little golf cart and we spotted this turtle, we had to get out and inspect him.  Pretty cool huh?

6.  Coconuts:  We eat a crap load of coconut around here.  We eat the oil.  We drink the water.  It's the type of milk that we buy. Our waffles are made of coconut flour. Heck, we even have coconut sugar!  So it was really cool to show the kids where coconuts are grown... and to bust open a couple to feast on its delicious water and meat.  We even brought home several and are selling them along with our chocolate and hot cocoa. 
7.  Boat driving:  Uncle Tom let Hunter and Ronin both try driving the boat.  Between the two of them, they drove the boat all of the way back to the mainland with only a minimal amount of help from their uncle.  Ronin was seemingly quite talented at it.  In fact, Uncle Tom told me that at first she wasn't exactly catching on but he explained to her that it was just like a video game and from there on, she barely required any instruction.  What a cool experience for them!

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