Friday, April 13, 2012

Resurrection Day

We had a lovely Resurrection Sunday.
The big kids and I went to church because I had to teach my class.
Typically we skip church on Sundays because of the egg hunt... easier than having to say no about candy. But we went and left Drayken at home with his dad.

When we got home, I started preparing our feast while dad helped the kiddos with a scriptural treasure hunt which led them through the story of the crucifixion and resurrection and finally landed them in the drier, where they found their baskets.

Drayken got three books, his very own coffee mug, and candy.
Ronin got an Easter Barbie book, an iCarly craft set, and candy.
Hunter got Pirates of the Caribbean buttons, sticker book, and a Jack Sparrow locket which had a picture of himself with Jack inside of it, and candy.

All three kids seemed to really enjoy the egg hunt.
But I think Ronin liked it the best.
She loves holidays!

And of course all of the children had to take inventory of their candy.

We ended our celebration by enjoying a lovely feast together...
gluten free coconut flour waffles, egg bake, sausages, and fresh fruit.
It was magnificent.

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