Thursday, April 5, 2012

being three = more of awesome

Since turning three, Drayken has just simply become more awesome.

More going on the potty. He stays in undies all day long now. He even wears undies out in public. The accidents have been minimal. He HAS started this business of going outside to do his business which I'm not crazy about but... He has asked that we take him back to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate no more diapers! We'll be doing that next week. His papa has tokens to contribute.

More helping. He likes to be very independent. He must make his own breakfast. He must take Maggie out to potty. He must help me make dinner.

More fun. He asks to do things like painting and sticker books. He's even started letting me read to him. He seems to enjoy listening to books for longer than the older two do now. And the constant fighting and fits are becoming fewer and further between. Things are just easier these days.

More personality. He's started calling me "sweet baby girl" and he can stand his own with his brother and sister when they start their nonsensical battles. He's more interactive on Skype with his grandparents too.

More hilarious. This kid is so insanely funny. He has to be the funniest person I have ever known. He keeps me in stitches all day long. Earlier this week, he told this story in the car about how Justin Bieber is now dead. He was shot by "The Bus Man" with a big gun. His family is sad. And of course there is the never ending saga of "The Lollipop Man" who lives in the computer and watches Spongebob.

Sure, three isn't easy. But it's bringing us so much joy and I don't want to miss a moment of it!

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