Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playdate Serendipity

So last fall we decided to start attending these popular playdates for homeschoolers in Nashville that have been taking place on Wednesdays nearly every week for about 20 years. The first time it went really well. The second time, it did not. And while it's open to the public, I didn't feel comfortable going back as I'd been blatantly told by a regular attendee that they didn't want to see me "for a while" or something like that. I tried to work out the disagreement to no avail. And because I'm too weak nice, I decided to not go back to this playdate like... um... ever again. Because that's just how I roll. Meh.

Well, then we found out that Hunter's new counselor was only available on Wednesday afternoons so all of his counseling appointments would take place during the playdate so we'd not be able to make them anyway even if we had been planning to schedule it as a regular sorta thing.

And then we got invited to join up with a couple of families we already knew who had started gathering here in town (as opposed to 45 minutes away). They had organized Thursday meetings with a few other local unschoolish people and had begun meeting regularly.

Immediately I began to panic. We'd go. But what if my kids did something grossly offensive again? Or what if I said something to another person's child that was misinterpreted and suddenly I was a monster? What if I'm a total bitch and these people hate me and I don't pick up on it and I feel like a jack ass later on? Okay, so that last one I guess I'm still worried about.

But the first meeting seemed to go okay. Ronin came home beaming about her new girlfriend (they had soooo much in common, including an annoying older brother) and Hunter said that it was "okay" which is actually a pretty raving review coming from him! And I liked the new people I met just fine and I already liked the two moms that I already knew. Sure... we'd go back.

Over the past few weeks, this Thursday playdate has become an absolute answer to many many prayers. Ronin has continued to enjoy getting to know her new girlfriend. I've become more and more comfortable with the adults. They are such cool people. Each person there has something in common with me... from theater to having a child with special needs to unschooling to placenta eating... they are just really really neat people. And I think they find me to at least be tolerable. Though I'm pretty terrible at picking up on social cues so you never know.

But the biggest blessing that has come from these gatherings has been the way that Hunter has blossomed as a direct result of the new friends he has made. The children he's gotten close to are all older than him but that doesn't seem to matter. It took about three weeks for him to feel at home with them and they totally didn't give up on him. They just kept trying to draw him into their play. They treat him like one of the gang. They are good kids and I couldn't have asked for anything better right now. Hunter calls them his "bros". He is more confident and he looks forward to the playdates with enthusiasm. He has asked that he can go play laser tag with his new bros.

I am so thankful that things worked out the way they did. Things happen for a reason and good things come from difficult circumstances and all that jazz... but I'm just damned thankful that this good thing has happened to us. We needed it. Desperately. So... yeah... cool.

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  1. That is SO awesome!! We've had a hard time finding a group to fit into. I hope one day we'll find something like what you've found.

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