Thursday, March 1, 2012

My, how far he has come

As Hunter's 8th birthday approaches, I cannot help but marvel at how much he has grown in the past year. Sure, most mothers think the same thing near a child's birthday, I'd assume. But in this case, this particular year, it's truly remarkable just how much my son has changed in the span of 12 months.

This time last year he was on prednisone for Graft Vs. Host Disease. He was fat and puffy. He was angry all. of. the. time. He still couldn't really go out into public or attend church or have a playdate. I remember having to get special permission to allow a homeschooled friend come over for a birthday playdate (a school child wouldn't have been allowed). He barely ever had any energy to do much of anything beyond watching television. He begged to go back to the hospital.

Today, Hunter is back down to his pre-Leukemia skinny size. He's grown about four inches which is pretty amazing when you consider how much his body has endured. He has hair again (gorgeous hair, I might add... his consolation prize) which he still plans to grow out to donate to Locks of Love. He attends playdates regularly. He attends church regularly. He's in his third theatrical production. He's been to two professional auditions and he has an interview with a local talent agency. He's learned to read. He has three girlfriends. He's in counseling to help him through his depression and Pervasive Developmental issues. He's made a few new friends. He's almost hyper he's so energetic, playing like a regular child most days. He has many interests he plans to pursue this year including guitar, rock climbing, fencing and sword, horse back riding and skateboarding.

We are so fortunate to have our boy back.
He's not the same boy.
But he's a stronger, wiser, older version of the one we left behind.
Our thanks to everyone who made this journey a little easier.
His life will always be affected by leukemia but for now, I feel like we are starting a new chapter.
8 is gonna be GREAT!

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  1. Hello from a fello Middle Tennessee unschooling mom! :-) I was going back through old comments on my blog and found where you once commented and I followed the link here. My kids are 14 (son) and 15 (daughter.) My daughter has some chronic health problems so I know what it's like to be the mom with kids that don't fit into the "pefect healthy" mold. Oh, if only they were how-to books on how to parent a chronically ill child! The rules of engagement certainly do change, don't they? I'm so happy for you that your son is doing well. Seeing that particular cloud lift is thrilling, I'm sure. He looks like a precious boy. :-)


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