Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthdays, Spring, Picnic Tables, and a sad story.

Every once in a while I get really distracted by the drama that is our insane life. And I totally stop blogging. And while I know there is no rule that I have to blog about everything... I do think that birthdays and beautiful lovely trips to gardens are mandatory blog topics. So then, in order to keep myself from losing my mind, I just sit down and do a big catch up post. And so, this is one of those catch up posts.

There has been a fun field trip to the fire station with friends from church. Drayken was excited about this trip for two whole weeks (it was postponed a week due to tornado warnings). He loved getting to climb onto the fire truck and the bigger kids really enjoyed learning a lot about how the fire fighters live and what their job is like. It was a really interesting tour.

Then we visited the center of Tennessee monument which is right here in Murfreesboro.
I used to live right up the road from the exact geographical center of our state.

We have also been celebrating birthdays.
Family and close friends came over a couple of weeks ago for a small celebration and this weekend we were supposed to be celebrating Hunter's Make a Wish and both birthdays with a pirate sword fighting bash. After Make a Wish cancelled on us and our poor sweet dog was violently attacked again, we decided to postpone pirate related festivities and just hang out as a family instead. On the agenda? "Hugo", popcorn, and Simpsons Monopoly.

This is the cake from the family birthday bash.
I had big plans to create a delicious gluten free orange cake made from coconut flour.
That didn't go so well. I mean, I made it. But it tasted like cornbread.
So the Captain had to drive to the bakery and pick up this evil cake.
It was not that good. It really wasn't ;)

Grandpa and Grandma Geri got Drayken this giant container of lollipops.
And since Drayken is the lollipop man as of late, he was quite thrilled.

We finally got to meet our sweet friend's son.
He is adopted from Columbia and he melted. our. hearts.

On Hunter's actual birthday, we had to just go ahead and let Drayken open his gifts too.
He really loved the automatic Nerf gun that dad got him.
Me? I'm not so crazy about it.
Drayken also received a small Mickey car from his sister, a wooden Mickey puzzle, a playground ball, and he got to go bowling with dad and to Chuck E. Cheese to play games with his siblings.

Hunter opened all of his gifts right before church. He got Arrested Development paper dolls, an Angelica Barbie doll, Adventure Time figurines from sister, Jack Sparrow action figure, Pirates of the Caribbean blanket, sticker and activity books, and...

a guitar. His sister had already spilled the beans about the guitar so we hid it in the van and just when he was convinced that we'd returned it... there it was :)

For breakfast he had almond milk ice cream.
He had his favorite chicken sandwich from Panera for lunch and then asked to come home and play video games, which he did.

Drayken turned three yesterday.
Upon awaking he proclaimed, "Me getting real big on my birthdays. Me three!"

We spent the morning with friends at the park. Birthday boy was "bored" at our play date.
He came home and played outside by himself most of the afternoon.
He even took himself a little nap on the trampoline.
We all had a yummy ice cream sundae.

And I snapped this way too grown up looking photo of my baby.
Three. Can you believe it?

Earlier in the week, we had a perfect morning at Cheekwood. The weather was perfection. Everyone was in a perfect mood. Daddy was able to meet us after work, which was perfect. And I caught a few perfect moments with my camera.

After Cheekwood, I took Hunter and Ronin to a homeschool class at the Science museum and they had a good time. Which is unheard of. So, wow.

What better way to finish up a perfect day than by stopping by Las Palettas and picking out your very own gourmet popsicle treat? Ronin chose chocolate chip, Hunter chose hibiscus and I picked tamarind and chili. We walked around while enjoying our treat. We decided that we needed to check out this gourmet burger joint we saw one day.

Then we came home to enjoy organic hot dogs at our new picnic table that we built with a kit I found for $17.00 at a bargain center near by. We were finished with dinner and reading some library books when suddenly we were caught up in the most traumatic few moments of our lives.
The giant dogs next door had yanked our sweet puppy through our fence onto their property and were ripping her to shreds. It was unspeakable what we witnessed and experienced that evening. And we are still reeling from the sight of watching our dog being so brutally attacked and from the fear that she was dead. AGAIN. Needless to say, the past few days have been extremely stressful and upsetting, dealing with the ramifications of what has happened to our dog. But believe it or not, she's doing okay. She's not great, but she's still here and should recover. AGAIN.

Look at what those beasts did to her.

Hope you have been enjoying this warm weather, getting outside, playing and having fun.

I hope to start my garden in the next couple of weeks.
And I look forward to blogging about it all here.

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  1. Mandy, I haven't talked to you in a while, but I saw your blog post and wanted to stop by. I'm glad to see your sweet family is doing well! That's so sad that your dog was attacked, but I'm glad she's doing ok!


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