Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sanity Saving Snack System

Once in a while life becomes so overwhelming that I simply must cut some corners. And once in a while it seems that every single one of my children is starving. All. Day. Long. Today the entire family climbed in the van first thing after breakfast and headed to Sam's Club. This is not something that I like having to do but it becomes necessary occasionally. Today, my gift to myself was to create a new snacking system. We are going to give it a trial run and hopefully it will go well. I'm posting about this because I thought some of my readers may also be low on sanity and could possibly be inspired by my idea.

These are the somewhat healthy snacks that I used.
The Apple Straws, Sweet Potato Tarro Chips,and Veggie Straws were all from Sam's club and cost just under six dollars a bag. The Annie's boxed cereals were from Kroger and were on sale for $3.00/box, and the Heritage O's were from Whole Foods and cost right around five dollars for the large bulk bag. The sandwich bags were about$1.50 for 150 at Walgreens.

I used about 1/2 of each food container and created 30 individual snacks. There's slightly more than 1/2 of two of the containers left so I think, all together, it might be about 70 individual snacks. Each snack tub has his or her name in it and each child received an equal number of each type of snack. They will be allowed one snack bag per day as their additional snack will be something like apples or oranges. Drayken's snack bags are likely to last him all day long as he doesn't eat as much as his siblings.

Is this cost effective? Not particularly.
Is this ecological? Nope, processed foods with sandwich bags.
Is this healthy? Could be a lot worse but no, not ideal.
Is it easy and sanity saving? YES! And sometimes, that is top priority in this house of crazy.

I encourage you to cut a few corners this week if it will help you to feel less crazy and stressed out. Tell me about some of the ways in which you save your sanity!

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  1. We've done something very similar for the very same reason. I figure I have to cut myself some slack somewhere, and paying slightly more for slightly less-healthy snacks is totally worth it if it promotes more calm in our home!


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