Saturday, February 25, 2012

Art at Cheekwood and Adventures at the Science Center

Currently in our home there is one sprained ankle,
two coughs,
and three stomach viruses.
So I've spent my day in bed.
And I had to get someone to cover my class and my play rehearsal at church tomorrow.
Thought this was the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the great day we had this week.
And I'm linking it up over at Saturday's Artist on Ordinary Life Magic.

This week we went to Nashville for a FIELD TRIP!!
I was taking advantage of the memberships we already have and I scheduled for us to attend the
Art and Story Time at Cheekwood.

The task was to make art using everyday objects.
No paint brushes allowed.
I enjoyed using bubble wrap, a plastic egg and a sponge
to create a picture of trees.

Drayken announced several times that he was having fun and that he was doing a good job...
just his typical cheery, optimistic point of view.

Hunter thought using the atypical objects for painting was really interesting.

At first Ronin only wanted to use Crayons but after she watched the rest of us with our paints, she requested her own plate of paints.

I think Drayken's favorite painting object was this bathroom brush.
He screamed with joy the entire time he was using it.
He's STILL talking about the painting from that day.

When we were finished we hung our paintings outside to dry while we

did a little sidewalk chalk drawing.
And then we attended story time.

We had a great time at Cheekwood and we're super excited to go back this spring to enjoy some of the events we've never been able to attend before.

After Cheekwood, we drove to the Adventure Science Center.
We enjoyed a mostly packed lunch supplemented by a foot long
Subway Sandwich divided into thirds.
And then we explored the museum some.
Hunter absolutely LOVED the moon walk experience.
So much so that he had to do it twice.

Drayken's favorite attraction was driving the "fire truck"
(though it was actually an ambulance but that is not important, right?).

Big kids liked the math activities in the Cyberchase exhibit.

And while big brother attended a homeschool robotics lab,

Drayken played with trains

and Ronin attended school, she says, in the preschool area of the museum.

It was a glorious day and I know that there will be many more like it...
as soon as we shake this virus.
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  1. All that looks like so much fun! We love to paint with random bits of things from around the house.
    Followed your link from Saturday's Artist.

  2. hi i am visiting from OLM! wow! what a great day. i love that painting idea. hmmm mayeb we will have to try that out.

  3. Stopping in from OLM...

    It looks like a great day! It's nice to see everyone having fun together, too. Hope you shake the blah stuff soon! :)


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