Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hunter and Ronin just completed a two week run for the show "Alice", a short one act
written by our good friend E. Roy Lee, based upon "Alice in Wonderland".
They had a great time and they can't wait to work at Murfreesboro Little Theater again in the near future. I'm already trying to convince them to spend four weeks of their summer at the theater. We'll see what happens.

The cast members all brought their hand held electronic devices to use backstage during the performances. This was a "common ground" upon which Hunter and Ronin could meet the other kids as they like their DSs as well as the next kid. They learned about pictochatting during this time backstage and they have started chatting with one another... which has led to lots of spelling, writing, and drawing practice. Not to mention bonding between siblings as well.

We love you MLT!

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  1. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

    And they're adorable!


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