Saturday, December 24, 2011

In a horse drawn open sleigh

Yesterday we enjoyed a great deal of pre-holiday bliss.
First we hosted a playdate with one of Hunter's very best friends, her mom, and her little sister.

Then we spent some time building this fun, simple, all natural gingerbread house kit by
Dancing Deer.

Then Ronin, Drayken, and I got crafty by making some recycled Christmas trees using old poster paint, frozen pizza boxes, and a bunch of random craft supplies in the craft closet.

Drayken super duper enjoyed this craft so I think that I'll incorporate the concept of punching out circles and gluing them to card board into our weekly routine more often ;)

Finally, we drove over to the Murfreesboro City Square and took a lovely horse drawn carriage ride around the downtown area.

I loved how I noticed little details that I normally would not have noticed while riding through the square in a vehicle.

I really love our city. Can't wait for next year's carriage ride!

Finally we came home and took the best Christmas picture that anyone has ever taken in the history of photography. So proud of this goofy bunch of heathens.

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