Thursday, December 1, 2011

The First Day of Advent

Last night I made a master list of each Advent activity we hope to complete during the 24 days of Christmas. I hung them by magnets on the back of our front door.

The day started with the older kids excitedly opening day one of the Lego Advent calendar that Lego sent to Ronin last year. She felt so bad about doing the calendar without her big brother that she asked me if we could put it away and save it until this year. They figured out a great compromise for sharing the calendar... they'd each take turns opening a day on the calendar but after the first builder had completed each set, they would disassemble it so that the other builder could have a turn. This way each child gets to build all 24 Lego sets in the Advent Calendar. I was so proud of this peaceful solution that they worked out while I was sound asleep this morning! The spirit of the season is alive in our home!

This afternoon we baked these cookies.

My egg breaker had success with two eggs and no shell.

And Edward mixer hands enjoyed creaming the sucanat, maple syrup,and butter.

We all helped roll the cookies into balls...

and then we anxiously awaited the results!

And the results were some gorgeous treats, no?
Tomorrow we will take most of them to distribute at a local nursing home.

Afterward, we took a nice long walk on this lovely and warmish December day.
We came back with a neighbor boy and the kids are all playing together outside as I type.

We are all so thankful to be together, in our home, this Christmas.
I look forward to recording our memories here and I hope that you'll enjoy reading about them.

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