Friday, December 23, 2011

Breakfast with Santa at Belle Meade Mansion

Wednesday the 21st we had an amazing morning thanks to
Make a Wish, Macy's, Belle Meade Plantation, and Ms. Wynonna Judd.
Have you heard about Macy's Believe Campaign benefiting Make a Wish?
Be sure and check it out.

On the way to the event, we passed Santa's tour bus!!

Once we were at Belle Meade Plantation, we walked around the gift shop for a few minutes.

Snapped a couple of pics of the super cute Christmas chotchkies they had sitting around.
I'm sorta in love with the kewpie doll.

Once we were inside of the event, the kids made bird ornaments.

And we all wrote letters to Santa.

I love that Hunter and Ronin's letters didn't involve asking for anything.

Then Hunter and I were interviewed for WKRN News Channel 2.
You can watch the clip here.

Then we had breakfast! A delicious breakfast.
Bagels, donuts, amazing eggs, best. hashbrowns. ever., fruit salad, apple juice, orange juice.
I ate like I've not eaten in years and it was SO GOOD!

While we were eating, Santa showed up!!

I love this picture. Santa's telling some magical story and Ronin is like,
"Yeah, whatever dude." :)

Then the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and visit with him for
a while and hand deliver their letters.

Then Cinnamon (one of the elves) and Santa sang some songs...

and then "Auntie Wy" showed up and they read "The Night Before Christmas" to the children.

You can kinda see their little heads poking through.

As we left, each child was given a gift bag with an elf hat and a large Mickey doll (which made Drayken super happy).
We all had a magical morning!
Thank you to everyone who made this amazing event possible!

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