Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I've come a long way since this post. I no longer take issue with candy, trick or treating, Halloween, etc. I am just happy to have my family here, together, alive, well, and I don't think that Jesus is offended by our dressing up and saying "Trick or Treat". Perspective = changed. Dramatically. Here is what our Halloween has looked like.

We made caramel apples.

The caramel slid off the apples but it tasted good :)

Reverse trick or treating at a local nursing home with our small group from church.
What a GREAT group of kids!

We attended a bone marrow drive where Hunter won the cupcake walk

and got to help present an award to this young lady who shaved her head at the St. Baldricks event held in honor of Hunter. We had actually met Haley that day.
She'd given Hunter a stuffed animal.

Trunk or Treat with our church family.

Halloween story time and pumpkin waffles. YUM!

Corn maze

Trick or Treating on the Square

Sorting candy and deciding which ones to save for eating and
which ones to pass on or save for art.

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