Thursday, October 13, 2011

Florida Vacation Part 9: Animal Kingdom Lodge

We left Tampa and went to our Disney "home"... the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This lodge is part of the Vacation Club property and so we stayed there because the kids' grandparents are members. The rooms are super nice but the decor is a bit dark for me. Not enough color!

Outside of the rooms, however, the place is gorgeous.

A pool and a water slide that the kids would have just stayed in the whole time.

Animals outside of your balcony. I can't believe I didn't get a picture but we saw zebras (which Drayken said he was going to shoot and then eat??), giraffes, and other animals that I can't even remember now!

We caught a glimpse of these flamingos right outside of the playground...

which was super cool.

We checked out the game room and of course I had to snap a photo of this pinball machine.
Jack Sparrow... yummy.

The night we left, while the Captain was loading the van, we enjoyed dinner at the Mara:
vegetarian flat bread pizza, African stew over rice, and Zebra domes (and I found the recipe here thank goodness... very excited kids).

There were SO many things at the lodge that I had wanted for us to do but it didn't happen.

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