Thursday, October 13, 2011

Florida Vacation Part 8: St. Pete Beach

Although we were in Florida for over a week, we weren't able to spend much time on the beach unfortunately. Hunter still cannot be in the sun so we had to wait until close to sunset to visit the ocean. Little did we know that the same winds which caused our deep sea fishing trip to be canceled were going to cut our beach trip short. Regardless, it was a lovely evening. I can tell that Hunter is much like me in that he loves to be near the ocean. It was one of the only times during the trip when he seemed thoroughly content.

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  1. Hi found you at nature connections as i am outdoor fanatic with kids, so glad to find these lovely beach photos as coming from Oz we just love the beach. It really connects with my spirit and calms me at any time of the day but especially dusk and dawn. Nice to find you in the blogosphere


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