Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Florida Vacation Part 5: MOSI Health Exhibit and "Waking the T-Rex in 3D"

For the second MOSI installment in our vacation series, I give you the Health/Human Body exhibit. Mostly, Ronin and I found this to be scary and disturbing as well.

Though we did like this lovely statue of a pregnant lady.

We appreciated this part of the exhibit devoted to the importance of laughter.

Ronin and the Captain spent a lot of time on this robotic surgery simulation game.

The psych nerd in me wants a brain puzzle!

I'm not even sure what this was all about but I loved that it was tribute to "Hollywood Squares".

Zoltar! My kids recently saw "Big" for the first time so they remembered Zoltar.
They were bummed out when we put in a quarter and instead of receiving a fortune they received a health related trivia question.

This giant Magic 8 Ball also didn't work correctly... more health related trivia.

This 3D movie was pretty neat.

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