Sunday, October 9, 2011

Florida Vacation Part 4: MOSI Weather and Disaster Exhibit

While we were staying in Tampa, we used our reciprocal benefits with our local science museum membership to visit the MOSI: Museum of Science and Industry. If you are in the Tampa area be sure to check it out. It's a super fun place with a TON to do. Plan to stay an entire day.

The first exhibit we visited was about natural disasters.

Here are the children posing as emergency workers after a natural disaster.

A wild fire simulator... this is what it might look like outside of your windows during a wild fire.

And this is what your clock radio may look like after a wild fire. Yikes.

A replica of the largest piece of hail ever recorded.

Hunter is creating a house with blocks that he hopes will withstand the winds of a hurricane.

This hurricane simulator was Hunter's favorite thing he did all day!

And the three photos above are from the tornado simulator... and it was pretty accurate.
Ronin was extremely scared :(

There was a really cool room where you could be a newscaster.
Here are the Captain, Hunter, and Drayken introducing a news piece for Bay News 9.

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