Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Florida Vacation Part 11: Epcot

EPCOT is usually my favorite of the Disney parks. But not this time.
My sweet Hunter wore out pretty quickly into the day and he had to go back to the hotel with his grandparents. Nothing was the same without him.

Here I am with Ronin and her "face tumor" (they take your picture on the Spaceship Earth ride to use in these little animations at the end of the ride... she happened to have her arm raised when the camera took our photos). This is what our future looks like. I'm stoked ;)

No one wanted to watch "Captain EO" with me so my sweet husband agreed to come along.
It was both horrendous and spectacular. Michael Jackson in 3D, as bad as it may have been, was pretty awesome. :) Yay 1985.

After the Figment ride, there is this fun music activity.

I always enjoy learning what Disney is growing in newfangled unusual ways on the Living with the Land ride.
This is some lettuce.

And these are tomatoes growing on trees.

Hunter got to ride Soarin' before he headed back to the hotel.
He says it was his favorite ride at Walt Disney World.
Ronin and I both thought it was terrifying.

After Hunter headed back with his grandparents, the Captain and I stayed with the other two children. We took them over to the Country Pavilions for Ronin to sample food. Unfortunately she was pretty tired too and whined most of the time we were there.
We did enjoy some refreshments and some entertainment.


Dragon berry frozen drink


The traditional Mickey Head ice cream bar.
Belgian Waffles with berries and whipped cream.

This is an example of a menu from the Food and Wine Festival.

Drayken was enthralled by these dancers from China.

And these musicians from Japan.

I wish I could say that we had a great time but I can't. I can see how this place will be fantastic one day in the future... maybe 7 years from now. There are so many learning opportunities at Epcot but if you are tired, grumpy and miserable, you aren't going to learn a thing!

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