Sunday, October 23, 2011

Darn Those Theater People

Hunter's three week run of "Pippin" has come to an end. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and fulfilling. It was absolutely an amazing first production for Hunter. I'm beyond thrilled for him.

In light of a post I wrote a while back about conservative homeschoolers and liberal theater people and how they don't exactly mix, I feel like I need to back up and revisit some of those issues now that we have actually experienced local community theater.

The reality of our theater experience was that Hunter was the only child cast member in a rather raunchy show not entirely appropriate for children. We could have easily decided to not let him be a part of the cast for a variety of reasons... from the use of profanity, the orgy scene (which for the record he never saw), the implied drug use... or because the cast was filled with people who smoke, drink, are gay... the list goes on an on. It would have been SO easy to have just walked away from the experience... out of fear.

Luckily our fear of what might happen if we didn't let him do this ONE SINGLE thing in which he had taken an interest was greater than our fear of what might happen if we did. And for that I am thankful.

We stepped out on faith.

And guess what? It was all totally fine. Every single person involved with the production took it upon him or herself to adopt my son. He made many new friends. Some of them openly gay. Some of them openly nerdy. All of them openly kind and loving.

I was told time and time again how great my kid is. How he must continue to act because he is talented. How they had thoroughly enjoyed working with him and that they would be coming to see his next show in January.

So, just like I suspected, having my children around theater people did nothing more than make my children love the theater. That was the end result. Well, and they made a lot of new friends.

To me, that is nothing to fear. It's something for which I am thanking God.

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