Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn at Cheekwood

Thanks to Groupon I was finally able to purchase a membership for Cheekwood, my very favorite place to visit in Nashville. If we lived nearby, I'd go weekly. It's simply fabulous. But during the fall, when the leaves are changing, and the scarecrows are on display is my favorite time of year to visit. Today was a perfect day to just spontaneously take off with a packed lunch because the weather was perfect and it was our last "nice weather free day" before the scarecrows were taken down next week. Despite protests, everyone went and had a great time.

This was Ronin's favorite scarecrow: Scaryoke.

My favorite view... in the Japanese Garden.

Scary Potter

The local chapter of API made this baby wearing themed scarecrow.

Ronin shared some pennies for wishing.
Hunter wished for a skateboard.

Now I've checked this off of my "must do before Halloween" list. Tomorrow it's supposed to be raining and coldish. We'll stay in, make treats, watch movies, and assemble our costumes.

Are you nearly ready for Halloween?

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