Monday, September 5, 2011

Unschool Monday

I've not written specifically about unschooling in a while but I've still been occasionally snapping random photos of our days so this a great way to share them.

One day we packed up our "school" books and headed to the park.
Hunter was at the clinic that morning.
Ronin did a little bit in each workbook and then played the remainder of our time at the park.

Playing dress up.

Venturing into the community for one of our favorite events, Taste of Stones River.
The kids got to choose whatever food they wanted at the booths and they had a lot of fun with that. Hunter chose a sandwich, Ronin chose ribs, and Drayken picked a smoothie.

On days when it's been cooler in the morning, we've been heading down toward the edge of our property to sit around on our reading quilt and enjoy some singing and poetry. And bug bites, unfortunately.

I caught Hunter reading this Simpsons book.
And I don't mean just looking at it.
I mean reading it.

Draykie is super in to puzzles right now.

Hunter spent a long time in his bedroom playing with his Legos and then came out of his room with his Toy Story characters and asked to do a photo shoot with them.

Hunter had built this wood airplane with his grandmother a while ago and he wanted to paint it.
So I found a little bird house for Ronin to paint and they enjoyed some paint time.

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  1. Hunter is looking really well!

    I haven't tried models with my children yet, I'm feeling inspired to now. Thanks :)


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