Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our gymnast

Ronin is taking what we hope to be a temporary break from her classes at ETC Gymnastics. We are sad about this but we have our reasons for pulling her out right now. It wasn't an easy decision because frankly, the girl is talented. She could have a future as a competitor easily... so my prayer is that she'll be able to return. On her last day this week, she asked me to a. snap a bunch of pictures and b. watch her closely! I couldn't believe how far she had come since starting classes in January. Assisted back hand spring? No problemo! Gymnasts amaze as I never could do anything fancier than a bridge. So, I'm in awe of my child.

Here she is with her sweet coach Erin.

They always gather the girls before class.
The coaches ask for prayer requests and then they pray together.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at this wonderful place. I am looking forward to Ronin's return to the balance beam next year.

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