Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cheekwood Homeschool Day: Trains

What I learned from homeschool day at Cheekwood:
1. Sometimes kids just want to sit around inside and color trains.
2. Hunter's toleration of heat is zilch, zero, nada. So we are making lots of plans for things to help keep him cool while we are at Disney World really soon.
3. Drayken is really the only child who cares anything about visiting Cheekwood and I will take him back to see the trains next month. I will, darn it.

Train Art

Train story time

Toddler train chase
Toddler train conference (have I mentioned how SOCIAL D has become?)

The train exhibit takes you through the state of Tennesse... don't ask me what the heck this is though, I totally forgot!

Fun photo op!

Drayken was really taken with this lady lion.
At one point he nearly climbed her trying to examine her face.

No matter what kind of fun exhibits they have at Cheekwood, I am most interested in the colors.

One will always find lots of gorgeous photo ops at Cheekwood.

We had a first class ride up to the mansion to look at the art!
Their favorite part was not the art though... it was the fountain.
Hunter loves money... like Alex P. Keaton.

Since the trains are sticking around until December, our plan is to return to Cheekwood in October for the scarecrow exhibit and then we'll be able to also see the trains as well.

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