Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bowling Playdate

Last week we went with our playgroup from church to Lanes Trains and Automobiles for some bowlin'!

Little did I know that Drayken would end up being the bowling fan. While his older siblings got bored after just three frames, Drayken would have played another game. Every time it was his turn, he'd yelled "Push", push the ball down the ramp, and then scream, "Go, Ball, Go" until it reached the end of the lane. Then he'd hoot and holler like some kind of wild animal.

The older two were distracted by the bumper cars. At $5.00 per person there was no way I could afford to pay for it. But Hunter had a gift card left over from St. Baldricks day and I had a coupon for buy one bumper car, get one free. So we cashed all of that in and they were treated to a good five minutes of fun. I am glad they have that out of their systems!

Do your kids like to bowl?

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1 comment:

  1. Way to go, Draken!:)
    Glad my backside made it in a picture.;)


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