Friday, August 26, 2011

We Got Served

On Tuesday, Hunter had to go to clinic. He expressed a great deal of stress and concern about the "surprise mission" that he'd been assigned to do that evening. I decided to fill him in a little bit before time so that he might feel less anxious and able to enjoy himself. We googled the address and I taped our conversation after we found out where we were going.

He announced at some point that he was excited and didn't need more information. We went to the bowling alley and after a bit of confusion, we walked into the room to this...

I have to admit that I was slightly nervous that it would be too overwhelming for Hunter. I figured Ronin would do just fine, have a blast, and come home and pass out from too much sugar. But I wasn't sure how Hunter would do. Maybe it was the time he got to spend at home alone in the middle of the day but he was in a good mood all evening. He had fun, he enjoyed visiting, enjoyed bowling and was simply delighted with the whole event. Much to my relief.

We were served by the Cupcake Crew and man, it was awesome!

As soon as we walked in, we had them pose in front of the main table.
Ronin is killing me here. What is she? A cheerleader?

Before they started bowling all three kids were presented with a year of free martial arts from
Cox Family Martial Arts.

Then they got to kick off the bowling party by rolling the first ball.
None of my kids had ever bowled before and they all seemed to love it!

including Drayken :)

We were surrounded by good friends...

and family.

I simply couldn't believe how many people showed up to support us and love on us! Interestingly enough, the party took place on the 23rd, exactly nine months after Ronin's donation of bone marrow that has saved her brother's life. Their story inspired the Cupcake Crew and Lanes Trains and Automobiles so much that they are holding another event... a bone marrow registry and fundraiser for Be a Match! For more information about this event, go here.

We put together a little thank you video for everyone involved! I hope you enjoy it!

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