Thursday, August 4, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

Our lives have led us to such busyness lately that I simply haven't had the time or energy to blog. It's kinda nice actually. Living life... instead of just writing about it.

Hunter went to a local afternoon science camp last week. He had so much fun that he wants to go back next year. And he wants me to sign him up for the homeschool class that they do every year!Link

Hunter also auditioned for a local production of the musical "Pippin". He has been cast in the role of Theo and he had his read through Sunday evening. He got to meet the cast and read through all of his lines. We are all excited. Ronin is auditioning for "Annie" on Saturday.

We had a busy clinic day... a trip to the hospital (where we were told to drop hydrocortisone so NO MORE STEROIDS!!!), a lovely lunch at Panera, a visit with Hunter's counselor, Jeremy at Daystar Ministries, and then grocery shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. That day zonked us!

There was a cupcake decorating party to celebrate Hunter's one year anniversary past diagnosis. We got to spend the evening with new friends and old friends. It was a perfect time!

We've also had play dates and lunch dates with friends...

Last week Hunter took his last dose of cyclosporine... the nasty med he had to take to keep him from... well... dying. He also let me pull his second top front tooth. Don't you just LOVE that snaggled toothed look?

And we have tons of fun things planned for the next few months. Including a surprise celebration for Hunter and Ronin (hosted by a local organization called The Cupcake Crew), a trip to Disney World and several exciting field trips!

Drayken has been going on the potty some which is super awesome.

And I've instituted a new meal ritual: Everyone sits at the table with their food and watches "Dennis the Menace" (the old series is on Netflix instant view right now! I watched it when I was a kid. What a great show!). This has resulted in a much more peaceful existence: no more meal related fighting AND everyone seems to be magically cleaning their plates. So YES to tv during meal time!

I have taken on some new responsibilities. At church, I'll be taking over the Puppet classroom for the elementary students starting this Sunday morning. As soon as we have our schedules in place for a few other potential events, I hope to start planning for a fund raiser in honor of Hunter's rebirthday AND a chocolate party! Woot! And today I go and meet with the Team of Awesome Librarians at our library in order to talk about bringing back a monthly homeschool program which will be run by, none other than, yours truly. Sigh. I had committed to a few other things but once we were cast in the play I knew that those things weren't going to happen if I wanted to hang onto my sanity. It's all working out nicely!

We have moved onto a more organized/scheduled existence on the days when we are home. I love how this makes me feel and I am thankful that we have some down time to move back into a groove. We are working on Dolch words, picked Math U See back up, scheduling exercise for me and Hunter (doctor's orders on both our parts) and we are about to start learning Spanish free of charge thanks to an awesome program that our friend showed us.

And there have been some exciting developments for Ridiculous Chocolate! A friend volunteered to design our label for our container and this is what he came up with:
Ain't it amazing? We are tweaking a few things (like removing the photo of Hunter) and then we'll be able to have them printed... which means we can have a product photographer come out and take some pictures which then means we can get those to our website designer and have her finish up the new and MUCH improved website! I can't wait! After that's all done... BIG media opportunities await us. This winter things with our business should, in theory, take off in a big way.

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